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How To Better Understand Your Customers | Customer Service Secrets Podcast

Do you understand your customers? Joining Gabe today we have the Chief Revenue Officer at Blue Chip CRO, Ed Porter. We go over some steps that have helped him in his role to understand customers better and find out what branches of your business to use in order to determine what the customer wants. Technology doesn’t solve the problem, but it’s there to enable the process of fixing the problem rather than used to find the problem.

Ed’s history 1:20
Deal makers that changed the way the company sees their customers 4:12
Customer service is no longer a one size fits all 8:38
Takeaway to be successful in these different times 17:15

“I’ll tell ya the ones that are really doing it right, you don’t have to be these big enterprises. You just have to look at a lot of these tools and processes that say, ‘Does marketing know what we’re doing on the support side? Are we sharing the same message? Is that message being delivered to that customer?’ And you drive consistency through those channels, that’s how you’re delivering a good customer experience.”

Ed Porter | Fractional Chief Revenue Officer