Ed Porter

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

My core focus is aligning your revenue organization— marketing, sales, enablement, and customer success teams — through strategy, process and technology to ensure they work together in harmony.

Once aligned, a revenue organization can focus on delivering value and consistency for your buyers at every touchpoint from brand awareness and prospect nurturing to customer onboarding, support, management and retention.

With guidance and the right tactics, we can build accountability at every step of your organization, leading to accelerated and sustainable growth!

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About Ed Porter

I’ve been fortunate enough to have 20+ years of experience focused on driving high-margin revenue and record-breaking performance across multiple industries including service, software, and distribution. I’ve led teams from 5 to over 1,000 people with responsibilities for marketing, sales, and customer success functions.

As a CRO, I offer coaching and strategy planning services for executives and startups, helping you rethink and refocus your revenue strategies to accelerate your growth.

I’m passionate about leadership and mentoring. You can also find me serving as:

  • President for Columbus Chapter of AA-ISP since relaunch in 2015
  • Mentor for #GirlsClub and multiple nonprofit boards
  • Keynote speaker and guest speaker for sales strategy and customer management programs