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What Customer Success Can Do for You | Market Dominance Guys

What can customer success do for you? What’s the reason customers bought from you and will buy from you again? Don’t know? Look to the end of your buyer’s journey — to the team that helps customers successfully use their purchase. In this third of three conversations with our podcast’s hosts, Corey Frank and Chris Beall, Ed suggests that you find out what’s working for customers, then take that information back to marketing to fine tune the value description of your product so that it matches what customers are reporting.

About The Show

We are in the midst of an exciting yet seismic change across the profession of modern sales. Improved (and much smarter) marketing tools, more compelling sales methodologies, better-designed datasets, and even the introduction of Artificial Intelligence have all lent a hand to upgraded efficiency and higher close rates. The unshakable mission of a company, however, remains constant – if not all the more elusive: “Those that dominate their market are those that are going to win.” Join Chris Beall and Corey Frank for a journey into the vast forces, best practices, and simple path that can propel your organization to reach true market dominance

Ed Porter | Fractional Chief Revenue Officer