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Own Your Own Development | Sales Leadership Podcast

development of sales leaders

Ed Porter helps revenue teams around the world intentionally improve. Today he joins us to share a blueprint on how sales leaders can take charge and own your own development. While it is true that organizations SHOULD take a more deliberate role in the development of their sales leaders, the fact is that most don’t. And right now, with so much changing, being intentional and deliberate about how we lead has never been more important.

About the show

Each episode finds Rob Jeppsen and guest diving into the biggest question in business: How do you create predictable, repeatable, and scalable success? They discuss tactics and practices that the best sales leaders use to drive head-turning success. Rob lets you know what you can expect from each episode and gives you his promise: you’ll leave each episode with new ideas to help you drive high growth with your team.

Ed Porter | Fractional Chief Revenue Officer